Why use anti aging skin care


We practically know that the process of aging is an unstoppable natural process, using anti aging skin care to lessen the effects of aging would be one way to help you keep your skin looking good.


What are the causes of aging?


There are two elements that involve the process of aging. The first one is the intrinsic or internal factor, this aging process is pre written in our genes and is naturally occurring on every living being in the planet and the second factor is the external force or the environmental factors that causes the aging process such as harsh environment.


The Internal Aging Factor


The internal process of aging into your genes will not be prevented even if you use anti aging skin care at an early age. In the mid-twenties of a person the cell production was slightly decreased and shedding of dead skin will not be as fast as it was back then even the elasticity of the skin will also be reduced. The signs of this aging will not be visible until the person approaches late forties or fifties, these signs will appear as fine wrinkles hollowing cheeks and sockets in your eye. Take note that you can use phytoceramides for anti-aging.


If you are to blame anyone on this process, then blame your ancestors for it. There are people who are born with genes that still have a youthful glow on the latter age of their life while others have wrinkle prune in a very early age.


The Process Of External Aging


Now controlling the signs of aging whether the internal or external aging can be done through precautions sensible enough and of course the use of bellavei anti-wrinkle brands. The prolonged exposure to the sun even on cloudy days will dry out your skin and produce wrinkles so going out in the sun without any protection is not very wise to do if you are aiming to prevent your skin's natural aging. Sun beds are a big no for anti aging. For protection against the harsh effects of winds on the skin, you should wrap your face with a scarf when going out on a windy day.


Smoking is a big no to prevent skin aging so if you are a smoker, stopping will be a good idea. Since facial wrinkles are produced by tight expressions, it is best if you avoid the regular act of doing facial contortions to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles in your face. Read more aboutAnti-Aging Skincare at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/anti-aging/.



One of the external forces that causes aging would be gravity. If you will look at old people, you will eventually notice how the pull of gravity affects the aging of their skin. The gravity that affect aging could not be prevented however with an early anti-aging skin care regime you can diminish this aging effect.